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12 katharinaclasen interview questions dos and donts
11 katharinaclasen how can I improve my storytelling skills
10 katharinaclasen what can we use storytelling for
09 katharinaclasen why is storytelling so popular
08 katharinaclasen what is satisfying about satisfying events
07 katharinaclasen self determination theory
06 katharinaclasen the relevance of psychological needs for UX
05 katharinaclasen UX vs Usability
04 katharinaclasen UX is about more than the interaction
03 katharinaclasen UX and usability are not the same thing
02 katharinaclasen human centered design 6 key principles
01 katharinaclasen how to increse conversion rates
37 lisa.martinovska I drove myself into burnout and this is how it went part 2
36 lisa.martinovska I drove myself into burnout and this is how it went part 1
35 lisa.martinovska your first call with a client
34 lisa.martinovska human rules of a remote designer
33 lisa.martinovska level up your contrast game
32 lisa.martinovska the anatomy of my buttons
31 lisa.martinovska understand your target audience
30 lisa.martinovska freelance or a full time job
29 lisa.martinovska take the client out of the mailbox
28 lisa.martinovska cute and gaming apps for selfcare
27 lisa.martinovska designers and ocd
26 lisa.martinovska designers and depression
25 lisa.martinovska designers and social anxiety
24 lisa.martinovska useful tools for everyday freelancing
23 lisa.martinovska 7 questions to ask before designing
22 lisa.martinovska ios vs android basic visual differences
21 lisa.martinovska improve your websites performance
20 lisa.martinovska red flag clients
19 lisa.martinovska where and how can you get the first client
18 lisa.martinovska from a lone wolf to a wolf pack
17 lisa.martinovska how to switch from full time to freelance
16 lisa.martinovska how to prevent burnout
15 lisa.martinovska lets go through deadlines
14 lisa.martinovska having a nice portfolio is not enough
13 lisa.martinovska how much should I charge the human edition
12 lisa.martinovska how much should I charge in design
11 lisa.martinovska what is it like to be a freelancer
10 lisa.martinovska how to get faster at design
09 lisa.martinovska fear of failure
08 lisa.martinovska choose the right colors for your next UI
07 lisa.martinovska productivity hack turn off your phone
06 lisa.martinovska when to use dark ui
05 lisa.martinovska make your clients coming back to you
04 lisa.martinovska happy users should be your main goal
03 lisa.martinovska useful tools for freelancing
02 lisa.martinovska shadows are never black
01 lisa.martinovska 7 tips on how to kick off design career
60 elize_ux designer roles
59 elize_ux how ctas can make or break small businesses
58 elize_ux the most hirable skill
57 elize_ux post purchase experiences
56 elize_ux stop hiring designers like its an episode of the bachelor
55 elize_ux create your own happily ever after
54 elize_ux how to be the first of many ux hires
53 elize_ux how to find your match in love life and workplace
52 elize_ux how white men in tech can support diversity
51 elize_ux why smaller companies are a better choice for your ux career
50 elize_ux a ux guide on when to kiss
49 elize_ux why ux is important for ads
48 elize_ux join the fight against dark ux
47 elize_ux the future of ux
46 elize_ux user cancellations
45 elize_ux why youre not getting hired
44 elize_ux how to use storytelling in your ux portfolio
43 elize_ux how to rocket launch your seo
42 elize_ux how google rewards good ux
41 elize_ux how to create a slick sign in
40 elize_ux finding work with purpose
39 elize_ux are users stupid how valuable is user feedback
38 elize_ux 7 common usability testing mistakes
37 elize_ux why you should hire a ux consultant
36 elize_ux the pratfall effect
35 elize_ux how airbnb went from bust to boom with design thinking
34 elize_ux how to measure the benefits of ux
33 elize_ux why projects fail
32 elize_ux how ux gives businesses the bang for their buck
31 elize_ux ux case study the $300 million button
30 elize_ux stop undervaluing user research
29 elize_ux the myth of the genius designer
28 elize_ux how to be a designer and an activist
27 elize_ux empathy mapping
26 elize_ux how to conduct user interviews like a pro
25 elize_ux information foraging
24 elize_ux the evolution of our online attention spans
23 elize_ux how to beat the planning fallacy
22 elize_ux save time and money with ui kits
21 elize_ux the what and why of usability testing
20 elize_ux how to decide colors for your brand
19 elize_ux how to build a mobile friendly site
18 elize_ux how to give constructive feedback
17 elize_ux how to take feedback like a champ
16 elize_ux ux for dummies usability 101
15 elize_ux wtf is the halo effect
14 elize_ux perfect is the enemy of good
13 elize_ux how to form great ideas crazy fast
12 elize_ux the secret to usability testing
11 elize_ux how to save lots of money for startups
10 elize_ux good ux vs bad ux headlines
09 elize_ux how to design a landing page
08 elize_ux competitive analysis
07 elize_ux card sorting
06 elize_ux how to network like a superstar
05 elize_ux how to land your first ux job
04 elize_ux how to accelerate your career after ux bootcamp
03 elize_ux accessibility best practices for visually impaired users
01 elize_ux heuristic evaluation
45 anfisign types of uxd applications
44 anfisign my favorite ux tools
43 anfisign user feedback video tools paid
42 anfisign insanely cool design thinking cards
41 anfisign top A/B testing tools
40 anfisign top 5 affordable hci universities for MS.D
37 anfisign best wireframing kits
35 anfisign design to dev handoff tools
34 anfisign user testing recruitment services
32 anfisign mind blowing design tools
31 anfisign curated list of ux resources
30 anfisign translator of UX terminology part 6
29 anfisign translator of UX terminology part 5
28 anfisign translator of UX terminology part 4
27 anfisign translator of UX terminology part 3
26 anfisign translator of UX terminology part 2
25 anfisign translator of UX terminology part 1
24 anfisign what is design brief
23 anfisign best blogs for ux designers
22 anfisign top png and jpeg photo sources
21 anfisign design thinking exercises part 2
20 anfisign design thinking exercises part 1
18 anfisign 5 steps to learn ux design
17 anfisign how to build your case study
16 anfisign 5 steps to build your portfolio
15 anfisign design conceptualizing methods
14 anfisign alternative user research methods
13 anfisign project brief and strategy
12 anfisign what is user journey and its types
11 anfisign how should I create user persona
10 anfisign what is persona
09 anfisign primary vs secondary research
07 anfisign ux secondary and primary research
06 anfisign interview with business owners
05 anfisign what should I do after a user research
04 anfisign early stage activities in ux design part 2
03 anfisign early stage activities in ux design part 1
02 anfisign most common design processes
01 anfisign difference between ux ui hci ixd
66 davetalas three packages are you giving your customers choice
65 davetalas are you leaving content on the table
64 davetalas 8 more tips to improve instagram reach
63 davetalas 8 tips to improve instagram reach
62 davetalas short term players vs long term players
61 davetalas give value in 3 steps
60 davetalas how deep should you niche
59 davetalas why pick your niche
58 davetalas stop sharing your assumptions
57 davetalas 8 reasons you will fail in business
56 davetalas content curation is key
55 davetalas people problem promise
54 davetalas how to use hashtags
52 Design tools to make Instagram posts
51 davetalas kill your instagram account
50 davetalas 1000 true fans is all you need
49 davetalas what improving just 1% everyday looks like
48 davetalas maximize story conversions
47 davetalas how to lose 1000 followers on Instagram
45 davetalas how to prioritize content
44 davetalas how the instagram algorithm works
42 davetalas make your hashtags work well
41 davetalas how to write an amazing insta bio
40 davetalas when should you post on instagram
39 davetalas how to analyze your content
37 davetalas how to make your new idea go viral
36 davetalas how to write copy for instagram
34 davetalas do or do not there is no try
33 davetalas how often should you post on instagram
32 davetalas how to research hashtags
30 davetalas basics of hashtags on instagram
29 davetalas the 5/5/5 theory
28 davetalas will ai take your job
27 davetalas likes kill the creative
26 davetalas top 4 books about creating and distributing content
25 davetalas who are the attention engineers
24 davetalas visuals value copy hashtags dialogue
23 davetalas stop the follow unfollow
22 davetalas how to sell on instagram
21 davetalas avr formula to grow on instagram
20 davetalas how to build your expertise
19 davetalas bad stealing vs good stealing
18 davetalas your friends are not your niche
17 davetalas how to make money on instagram
16 davetalas how to make a positive change in the world
15 davetalas minimum viable audience
14 davetalas what is the engagement rate
13 davetalas what should you post on instagram
12 davetalas how to get more work
10 davetalas how to beat the instagram algorithm
09 davetalas how to grow an audience
08 davetalas the difference between followers
07 davetalas why give all your secrets away
06 davetalas posting sizes on instagram
05 davetalas how to give value
04 davetalas creating vs curating
03 davetalas how to post effectively on igtv
02 davetalas find your niche on instagram
01 davetalas how does the instagram algorithm work
19 lubosvolkov top 8 fonts for web and mobile designs
18 lubosvolkov 8 epic tips how to present your design work
17 lubosvolkov 7 practical tips how to design top websites
16 lubosvolkov how to build an amazing design portfolio
15 lubosvolkov 8 useful books every designer should read
14 lubosvolkov 7 awesome tips how to design better apps
13 lubosvolkov how to be more valuable to your new clients
12 lubosvolkov 7 practical tips how to design better forms
11 lubosvolkov tips on inputs in interface design
10 lubosvolkov tips on icons in interface design
09 lubosvolkov essential tools for interface designers
08 lubosvolkov tips on grids in interface design
07 lubosvolkov tips to improve your skills as designer
06 lubosvolkov how to improve user experience
05 lubosvolkov 8 books for designers
04 lubosvolkov tips how to build a design system
03 lubosvolkov tips how to get started in interface design
02 lubosvolkov tips on colors in interface design
01 lubosvolkov tips on typography in interface design
37 ransegall the rules for successful portfolio copywriting
36 ransegall good colors bad colors with examples
35 ransegall how using webflow changed my design career
34 ransegall good client bad client
33 ransegall the four core freelance skills
32 ransegall real 2020 web design trends
31 ransegall portfolio art direction tips
30 ransegall good layout bad layout including examples
29 ransegall how to become a superstar designer in 2020
28 ransegall how to write winning proposals
27 ransegall how to make next year better
26 ransegall the books that made most impact on my life in 2019
25 ransegall how to start freelancing
60 usepitchproof brand attributes that designers should always utilize
59 usepitchproof think like uber
58 usepitchproof productivity hacks for designers
57 usepitchproof inspiration vs copying
56 usepitchproof how to find your niche as a designer
55 usepitchproof do you need design school
54 usepitchproof how to make more money as a designer
53 usepitchproof 7 must read design books
52 usepitchproof how to land bigger design clients
51 usepitchproof how to price yourself as a designer
50 usepitchproof our content creation process
49 usepitchproof managing projects as a designer
47 usepitchproof how to scale your design business
46 usepitchproof how to get paid on time as a designer
45 usepitchproof struggles of being a designer
44 usepitchproof tips for a better design portfolio
43 usepitchproof how to upsell your design service
42 usepitchproof color psychology in logo design
41 usepitchproof how to attract design clients on instagram
39 usepitchproof how to hand over your design files
37 usepitchproof 8 ways to establish a brand as a freelancer
36 usepitchproof top free google fonts
35 usepitchproof 5 tools to manage design feedback
34 usepitchproof 7 must haves in your design contract
32 usepitchproof free tools for logo designers
31 usepitchproof questions to ask your logo design client
30 usepitchproof things to avoid when designing a logo
29 usepitchproof project management tools for designers
25 usepitchproof 8 tips for better logo presentations
23 usepitchproof how to find design clients
20 usepitchproof 5 awesome websites for logo designers
19 usepitchproof tips to growing as a designer on instagram
17 usepitchproof best books for logo designers
16 usepitchproof how to structure your brand guidelines
15 usepitchproof 5 amazing color tools for designers
14 usepitchproof how to interact with design clients
13 usepitchproof 6 design podcasts to listen to
14 mizko stop blaming the client
13 mizko the brutal truth about success
12 mizko 5 ways to increase your perceived value
11 mizko 7 signs of a client you should avoid
28 bazenagency how to survive as a young designer
27 bazenagency tips for better website portfolio consistency part 5
26 bazenagency tips for better website portfolio your name is important part 4
25 bazenagency tips for better website portfolio navigation part 3
24 bazenagency tips for better website portfolio not enough meat part 1
23 bazenagency tips for better website portfolio thumbnails part 1
22 bazenagency infographic elements of dashboard pie chart part 1
21 bazenagency follow up design agency sales process phase 4
20 bazenagency presentation design agency sales process phase 3
19 bazenagency prospecting design agency sales process phase 2
18 bazenagency prospecting design agency sales process phase 1
19 alexunderhess the story of my Instagram growth
18 alexunderhess how to design isometric soft ui(neumorphism) elements that look like 3d
17 alexunderhess how to be happy in 2020
16 alexunderhess how to make inner shadows in adobe xd
36 ayushjangra rounded buttons are the game changer
35 ayushjangra 16 questions to ask before any project
34 ayushjangra i don't have time
35 johnbresciani unlikely creativity
90 morejanda letterspacing
89 morejanda how to align type
88 morejanda font vs typeface
87 morejanda garbage in garbage in
86 morejanda everyone's social media growth is different
85 morejanda type classifications and history
84 morejanda fool proof way to create engagement on instagram
83 morejanda anatomy of type
82 morejanda seven words critical for success
81 morejanda how to choose colors part 4
80 morejanda how to choose colors part 3
79 morejanda how to choose colors part 2
78 morejanda how to choose colors part 1
77 morejanda color models and color space
76 morejanda color psychology
75 morejanda color basics in design
74 morejanda gestalt theory in design
73 morejanda know your audience
72 morejanda principles of design
71 morejanda seven elements of design
70 morejanda next worry date
69 morejanda postmortem how to learn from experience
68 beware of these 8 clients part 2
67 morejanda how to conquer freelance worry
66 morejanda the six P's of finding clients
65 morejanda how to overcome the imposter syndrome
64 morejanda how to diagnose a client's problem
63 morejanda someone is always listening
62 morejanda forgiveness points
61 morejanda how to guarantee failure
60 morejanda never work for free
59 morejanda making decisions emotional and analytical
58 morejanda 5 reasons to fire a client
57 morejanda two mindsets for climbing mountains
56 morejanda trust
55 morejanda agency client partnership
54 morejanda stay top of mind
53 morejanda bad stealing vs good stealing
85 thechrisdo these marketing trends will give you an unfair advantage in 2020
84 thechrisdo the perfect sales call
83 thechrisdo how to lose clients
82 thechrisdo how to build a multi million dollar business
80 thechrisdo the psychology of why we buy and how discounting triggers sales
79 thechrisdo clients from hell and how to spot them early vol 2
78 thechrisdo how to make your own color palette
77 thechrisdo clients from hell and how to spot them early vol 1
76 thechrisdo what your tone and body say that words do not
75 thechrisdo why post carousels on LinkedIn
01 abnux how to set goals
15 alexunderhess how to create mockups vol 3 figma xd sketch
14 alexunderhess how to create ui specs pro tip figma
13 alexunderhess how to create soft ui elements dark theme figma xd sketch
12 alexunderhess how to make sticker effect figma xd sketch
11 alexunderhess how to create a macbook mockup dark mode figma xd sketch
10 alexunderhess the law of attraction for designers figma xd sketch
09 alexunderhess how to create patterns vol 1 figma xd sketch
08 alexunderhess how to create tablet mockup dark mode figma xd sketch
07 alexunderhess how to create glass effect figma xd sketch
06 alexunderhess how to create mockups vol 2 figma xd sketch
05 alexunderhess how to create isometric mockups vol 1 figma xd sketch
04 alexunderhess how to create mockups vol 1 figma xd sketch
03 alexunderhess how to draw spheres in 1 minute figma xd sketch
02 alexunderhess how to create waves figma xd sketch
01 alexunderhess how to create soft UI shapes
24 how to run a strategy session ransegall
23 how to choose fonts ransegall
22 my current tech stack ransegall
21 improve your web design website review part 1 ransegall
20 dont buy these freelance lies ransegall
19 7 web design styles you need to know ransegall
18 avoid these five portfolio fails ransegall
17 how to create hierarchy in design ransegall
16 how to track your time as a freelancer ransegall
15 how to get anything you want in life ransegall
14 ux is not enough ransegall
13 best stock photo websites ransegall
12 design friends will change your life ransegall
11 why freelancers need two bank accounts ransegall
10 how to design good layouts ransegall
09 how to structure a home page ransegall
08 getting started in web design ransegall
07 how to practice your design skills ransegall
06 the process of high value web design ransegall
05 how to choose art direction for web design ransegall
04 the 15 seconds rule in web design ransegall
03 how to start a design business in 3 steps ransegall
02 estimating time for design projects ransegall
01 how to find your design niche ransegall
33 ayushjangra google guidelines for onboarding first time users
32 ayushjangra getting modals right
31 ayushjangra best web fonts
30 ayushjangra landing pages that convert
29 ayushjangra email is killing your productivity
28 ayushjangra the best designer tool i have in my toolbox
27 ayushjangra powerful gestalt principles and their implementation
26 ayushjangra the principles of design and their implementation
25 ayushjangra guide to master font combinations
24 ayushjangra how to become a better ux ui designer part 2
23 ayushjangra how to become a better ux ui designer part 1
22 ayushjangra the biggest and boldest typography trends
21 ayushjangra how to evaluate a project's potential
20 ayushjangra mobile first approach
19 ayushjangra about to start your first ux design job?
18 ayushjangra best google fonts
17 ayushjangra the persuasion slide
16 ayushjangra the power of white space in UI design
15 ayushjangra iconography guidelines
14 ayushjangra losing clients? here's how to win them back
13 ayushjangra different types of image grids
12 ayushjangra the perfect paragraph
11 ayushjangra lesser known typography anatomy
10 ayushjangra the best antidotes to the f shaped pattern
09 ayushjangra google design sprint
08 ayushjangra headspace's onboarding sequence
07 ayushjangra basic shapes can ruin your design
06 ayushjangra are rounded buttons more recognizable
05 ayushjangra should you ever work for free?
04 ayushjangra learn customer experience pyramid
03 ayushjangra best freelance job sites you'll find work on
02 ayushjangra the ugly facts of being self employed
01 ayushjangra how to get your first client
34 johnbresciani smart brands think first
33 johnbresciani just got paid?
32 johnbresciani knowing with purpose
31 johnbresciani dont be that guy
30 johnbresciani clients and contracts
29 johnbresciani logo design tricks for big impact
28 johnbresciani create fun type heavy instagram stories
27 johnbresciani basics of typography understanding
26 johnbresciani the modern school yard
25 johnbresciani good design? no purpose? failed brand
24 johnbresciani instagram design growth manual part 2
23 johnbresciani instagram design growth manual part 1
22 johnbresciani the empathetic approach
21 johnbresciani bros before dough
20 johnbresciani 14 type layouts that will help you
19 johnbresciani create compelling educational slides
18 johnbresciani as told by logo design greats
17 johnbresciani international typographic style
16 johnbresciani powerful design presentations
15 johnbresciani creative type layout
14 johnbresciani freelance freedom
13 johnbresciani invaluable design courses
12 johnbresciani swiss style grids
11 johnbresciani negative space brlliance
10 johnbresciani swiss design mastery
09 johnbresciani changing a timeless mark
08 johnbresciani image types fundamentals
07 johnbresciani grid design intermediate
06 johnbresciani the 1.5m dollar napkin
05 johnbresciani fundamental colour theory
04 johnbresciani grid design basics
03 johnbresciani logo design mastery
02 johnbresciani famous letterforms
01 johnbresciani paul rand's 100k logo
17 bazenagency design agency sales process
16 bazenagency how to create depth in UI design part 2
15 bazenagency how to create depth in UI design part 1
14 bazenagency how to create soft long distance shadows
13 bazenagency 13 steps to make responsive website part 3
12 bazenagency 13 steps to make responsive website part 2
11 bazenagency 13 steps to make responsive website part 1
10 bazenagency tips for letter spacing and line height
09 bazenagency 9 steps to personas
08 bazenagency how to think like a ui designer
07 bazenagency how to align different font sizes horizontally
06 bazenagency story about first sans serif book
05 bazenagency what are 5 benefits of working with you
04 bazenagency what is UI thinking how to think like an experienced ui designer
03 bazenagency 12 tips for finding your competition
02 bazenagency design formula for perfect card
01 bazenagency 15 UI tips how to design better cards
11 usepitchproof how to build a design community
10 usepitchproof logo design process explained
09 usepitchproof 0$ typography tools for designers
08 usepitchproof how to interact with design clients
07 usepitchproof time tracking tools for designers
06 usepitchproof how to sell your designs to clients
05 usepitchproof 5 tips to growing your audience as a designer
04 usepitchproof 7 ways to establish a brand as a freelance designer
03 usepitchproof 5 project management tools for logo designers
02 usepitchproof 0$ tools for logo designers
01 usepitchproof how to structure your logo presentation
10 ajsmartdesign promoting innovation internally
09 ajsmartdesign how to build habit forming products
08 ajsmartdesign how to set expectations in your next workshop
07 ajsmartdesign what we learnt about innovation from lego
06 ajsmartdesign how to give clear instructions
05 ajsmartdesign what makes a good design
04 ajsmartdesign how to keep the energy up in a group
03 ajsmartdesign how to start any workshop
02 ajsmartdesign the 5 five rules of innovation
01 ajsmartdesign stop going to meetings the lightning decision jam
10 mizko how to provide ui ux feedback
09 mizko how to deal with clients that bargain
08 mizko the secret to finding a mentor
07 mizko why design isnt the most important
06 mizko avoid vanity metrics
05 mizko how to politely decline a client
04 mizko what clients really care about
03 mizko when should i increase my rates
02 mizko improve client relationships
08 booklets the 22 immutable laws of branding by al ries and laura ries
07 booklets the messy middle by scott belsky
06 booklets the design of everyday things by don norman
05 booklets sprint by jake knapp
04 booklets hooked by nir eyal
03 booklets steal like an artist by austin kleon
02 booklets influence psychology of persuasion by robert cialdini
01 booklets creativity inc by ed catmull
53 morejanda bad stealing vs good stealing
52 morejanda no guarantees
51 morejanda how to respond to blind rfps
50 morejanda miserable clients here are your options
49 morejanda q&a push back or change approved work
48 morejanda q&a how to pre-fire a client
47 morejanda q&a the client wants to change approved work
46 morejanda the 8 bs of social media part 2
45 morejanda the 8 bs of social media part 1
44 morejanda q&a you cant please everyone
43 morejanda q&a when clients dont value design
42 morejanda do good work
41 morejanda 8 barriers to career growth
40 morejanda you vs client
39 morejanda effective cold sales for creatives
38 morejanda how to ask for projects and referrals
37 morejanda build repeat clients with relationship levels
36 morejanda finding clients through connectors
35 morejanda hot warm and cold sales strategies for creatives
34 morejanda are you ready for full time freelance
33 morejanda 5 things i look for in designer interviews
32 morejanda social media content strategies
31 morejanda beware of these 8 clients
30 morejanda my instagram strategy
29 morejanda 10 things i learned about charisma when i met will smith
28 morejanda how to analyze a new project opportunity
27 morejanda how to generate creative ideas
26 morejanda focus your business using a niche funnel
25 morejanda the ultimate niche finding process
24 morejanda 50 must read books from the community survey
23 morejanda the role of luck in success
22 morejanda books that shaped my mindset part 2
21 morejanda books that shaped my mindset part 1
20 morejanda how to miss a deadline
19 morejanda the one degree rule for dress
18 morejanda client red flags part 2
17 morejanda pricing red flags part 1
16 morejanda pricing rules for designers
15 morejanda solving bigger problems
14 morejanda the psychology of graphic design pricing
13 morejanda new client discovery meetings 101
12 morejanda body language 101
11 morejanda the ultimate design critique checklist
10 morejanda color psychology and design
09 morejanda pricing structures pros and cons
08 morejanda perfect personas
07 morejanda how to ask a client for their budget
06 morejanda how to handle clients that dont pay
05 morejanda solving client problems the ux way
04 morejanda rapid prototyping 101
03 morejanda quantitative vs qualitative testing in ux design
02 morejanda the ultimate email formula
01 morejanda cx ux ui
74 thechrisdo how to position your brand
73 thechrisdo you dont need a mentor
72 thechrisdo dont wish it was easier
71 thechrisdo two rules about money
70 thechrisdo in sales there are 3 possible responses
69 thechrisdo how to use guarantees in pricing
68 thechrisdo dont sell
67 thechrisdo how much to charge for rush fees
66 thechrisdo the magic of goal setting
65 thechrisdo how to talk about money part 2
64 thechrisdo win the price negotiation
63 thechrisdo how to talk about money
62 thechrisdo no one cares about you
61 thechrisdo how to close your next client
60 thechrisdo how to do phase based pricing
59 thechrisdo serve everyone, serve no one
58 thechrisdo typography is thinking made visible
57 thechrisdo how to do project based pricing
56 thechrisdo how to respond to exposure bucks
55 thechrisdo how to calculate your hourly rate
54 thechrisdo things get better
53 thechrisdo how to get work, a blueprint
52 thechrisdo the price seems fair
51 thechrisdo how to always get paid
50 thechrisdo good artists borrow great artists steal
49 thechrisdo color psychology
48 thechrisdo think identity
47 thechrisdo think like gucci
46 thechrisdo psa these are tools
45 thechrisdo managers vs leaders
44 thechrisdo the power of focus
43 thechrisdo trust
42 thechrisdo 1/4 inch drill bit
41 thechrisdo the war for art
40 thechrisdo beyond money why do you exist
39 thechrisdo practice safe design use a concept
38 thechrisdo how to make 100k/yr making things or making things happen
37 thechrisdo brands dont matter
36 thechrisdo every company has customers
35 thechrisdo user experience design framework
34 thechrisdo branding if i buy this what does that make me
33 thechrisdo four levels of reading according to mortimer adler
32 thechrisdo successful people vs unsuccessful people
31 thechrisdo how to get stuff done
30 thechrisdo first you learn to read then you read to learn
29 thechrisdo what is read understood remembered applied
28 thechrisdo branding explained by marty
27 thechrisdo a guide to graphic design for beginners
26 thechrisdo what is a logo worth
25 thechrisdo amateurs vs professionals
24 thechrisdo how to create aha mini eureka moments vol 1
23 thechrisdo prioritize and take action
22 thechrisdo how to get things done
21 thechrisdo the magic penny the power of the compound effect
20 thechrisdo the new rules of marketing out teach the competition
19 thechrisdo what is marketing
18 thechrisdo introduction to price anchoring
17 thechrisdo 8 reasons why creatives dont talk about money
16 thechrisdo finding your voice and defining your personal brand
15 thechrisdo the kuleshov effect
14 thechrisdo value based pricing
13 thechrisdo getting customers is the role of marketing keeping customers is the role of branding
12 thechrisdo understanding cost price value
11 thechrisdo what is strategy and its relationship to design
10 thechrisdo we are what we repeatedly do
09 thechrisdo typography manual volume 2 part 1
08 thechrisdo typography manual volume 1 part 2
07 thechrisdo typography manual volume 1 part 1
06 thechrisdo a logo is not a brand
05 thechrisdo event reaction outcome
04 thechrisdo customer centric marketing
03 thechrisdo give your best
02 thechrisdo how to receive criticism
01 thechrisdo how to give a critique