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09 lisa.martinovska fear of failure
04 lisa.martinovska happy users should be your main goal
55 elize_ux create your own happily ever after
52 elize_ux how white men in tech can support diversity
50 elize_ux a ux guide on when to kiss
40 elize_ux finding work with purpose
36 elize_ux the pratfall effect
29 elize_ux the myth of the genius designer
28 elize_ux how to be a designer and an activist
15 elize_ux wtf is the halo effect
14 elize_ux perfect is the enemy of good
62 davetalas short term players vs long term players
58 davetalas stop sharing your assumptions
57 davetalas 8 reasons you will fail in business
55 davetalas people problem promise
49 davetalas what improving just 1% everyday looks like
34 davetalas do or do not there is no try
27 davetalas likes kill the creative
19 davetalas bad stealing vs good stealing
16 davetalas how to make a positive change in the world
59 usepitchproof think like uber
57 usepitchproof inspiration vs copying
45 usepitchproof struggles of being a designer
13 mizko the brutal truth about success
28 bazenagency how to survive as a young designer
34 ayushjangra i don't have time
35 johnbresciani unlikely creativity
87 morejanda garbage in garbage in
82 morejanda seven words critical for success
65 morejanda how to overcome the imposter syndrome
63 morejanda someone is always listening
62 morejanda forgiveness points
61 morejanda how to guarantee failure
57 morejanda two mindsets for climbing mountains
53 morejanda bad stealing vs good stealing
82 thechrisdo how to build a multi million dollar business
01 abnux how to set goals
10 alexunderhess the law of attraction for designers figma xd sketch
15 how to get anything you want in life ransegall
12 design friends will change your life ransegall
19 ayushjangra about to start your first ux design job?
32 johnbresciani knowing with purpose
31 johnbresciani dont be that guy
26 johnbresciani the modern school yard
22 johnbresciani the empathetic approach
08 mizko the secret to finding a mentor
07 mizko why design isnt the most important
53 morejanda bad stealing vs good stealing
44 morejanda q&a you cant please everyone
43 morejanda q&a when clients dont value design
42 morejanda do good work
41 morejanda 8 barriers to career growth
29 morejanda 10 things i learned about charisma when i met will smith
27 morejanda how to generate creative ideas
23 morejanda the role of luck in success
22 morejanda books that shaped my mindset part 2
21 morejanda books that shaped my mindset part 1
11 morejanda the ultimate design critique checklist
73 thechrisdo you dont need a mentor
72 thechrisdo dont wish it was easier
66 thechrisdo the magic of goal setting
62 thechrisdo no one cares about you
54 thechrisdo things get better
50 thechrisdo good artists borrow great artists steal
48 thechrisdo think identity
47 thechrisdo think like gucci
46 thechrisdo psa these are tools
44 thechrisdo the power of focus
43 thechrisdo trust
42 thechrisdo 1/4 inch drill bit
40 thechrisdo beyond money why do you exist
33 thechrisdo four levels of reading according to mortimer adler
32 thechrisdo successful people vs unsuccessful people
31 thechrisdo how to get stuff done
30 thechrisdo first you learn to read then you read to learn
29 thechrisdo what is read understood remembered applied
25 thechrisdo amateurs vs professionals
23 thechrisdo prioritize and take action
22 thechrisdo how to get things done
10 thechrisdo we are what we repeatedly do
05 thechrisdo event reaction outcome
03 thechrisdo give your best
02 thechrisdo how to receive criticism
01 thechrisdo how to give a critique
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