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35 lisa.martinovska your first call with a client
34 lisa.martinovska human rules of a remote designer
29 lisa.martinovska take the client out of the mailbox
20 lisa.martinovska red flag clients
19 lisa.martinovska where and how can you get the first client
18 lisa.martinovska from a lone wolf to a wolf pack
17 lisa.martinovska how to switch from full time to freelance
12 lisa.martinovska how much should I charge in design
11 lisa.martinovska what is it like to be a freelancer
05 lisa.martinovska make your clients coming back to you
24 anfisign what is design brief
13 anfisign project brief and strategy
66 davetalas three packages are you giving your customers choice
60 davetalas how deep should you niche
59 davetalas why pick your niche
12 davetalas how to get more work
16 lubosvolkov how to build an amazing design portfolio
13 lubosvolkov how to be more valuable to your new clients
35 ransegall how using webflow changed my design career
34 ransegall good client bad client
33 ransegall the four core freelance skills
28 ransegall how to write winning proposals
25 ransegall how to start freelancing
56 usepitchproof how to find your niche as a designer
52 usepitchproof how to land bigger design clients
47 usepitchproof how to scale your design business
46 usepitchproof how to get paid on time as a designer
43 usepitchproof how to upsell your design service
41 usepitchproof how to attract design clients on instagram
37 usepitchproof 8 ways to establish a brand as a freelancer
34 usepitchproof 7 must haves in your design contract
31 usepitchproof questions to ask your logo design client
23 usepitchproof how to find design clients
14 usepitchproof how to interact with design clients
14 mizko stop blaming the client
11 mizko 7 signs of a client you should avoid
35 ayushjangra 16 questions to ask before any project
70 morejanda next worry date
68 beware of these 8 clients part 2
67 morejanda how to conquer freelance worry
66 morejanda the six P's of finding clients
64 morejanda how to diagnose a client's problem
62 morejanda forgiveness points
60 morejanda never work for free
58 morejanda 5 reasons to fire a client
55 morejanda agency client partnership
54 morejanda stay top of mind
83 thechrisdo how to lose clients
79 thechrisdo clients from hell and how to spot them early vol 2
77 thechrisdo clients from hell and how to spot them early vol 1
24 how to run a strategy session ransegall
20 dont buy these freelance lies ransegall
18 avoid these five portfolio fails ransegall
16 how to track your time as a freelancer ransegall
11 why freelancers need two bank accounts ransegall
06 the process of high value web design ransegall
03 how to start a design business in 3 steps ransegall
02 estimating time for design projects ransegall
01 how to find your design niche ransegall
21 ayushjangra how to evaluate a project's potential
14 ayushjangra losing clients? here's how to win them back
05 ayushjangra should you ever work for free?
03 ayushjangra best freelance job sites you'll find work on
02 ayushjangra the ugly facts of being self employed
01 ayushjangra how to get your first client
33 johnbresciani just got paid?
30 johnbresciani clients and contracts
14 johnbresciani freelance freedom
17 bazenagency design agency sales process
05 bazenagency what are 5 benefits of working with you
03 bazenagency 12 tips for finding your competition
08 usepitchproof how to interact with design clients
06 usepitchproof how to sell your designs to clients
04 usepitchproof 7 ways to establish a brand as a freelance designer
09 mizko how to deal with clients that bargain
05 mizko how to politely decline a client
04 mizko what clients really care about
03 mizko when should i increase my rates
02 mizko improve client relationships
52 morejanda no guarantees
51 morejanda how to respond to blind rfps
50 morejanda miserable clients here are your options
49 morejanda q&a push back or change approved work
48 morejanda q&a how to pre-fire a client
47 morejanda q&a the client wants to change approved work
44 morejanda q&a you cant please everyone
43 morejanda q&a when clients dont value design
40 morejanda you vs client
39 morejanda effective cold sales for creatives
38 morejanda how to ask for projects and referrals
37 morejanda build repeat clients with relationship levels
36 morejanda finding clients through connectors
35 morejanda hot warm and cold sales strategies for creatives
34 morejanda are you ready for full time freelance
31 morejanda beware of these 8 clients
28 morejanda how to analyze a new project opportunity
26 morejanda focus your business using a niche funnel
25 morejanda the ultimate niche finding process
20 morejanda how to miss a deadline
18 morejanda client red flags part 2
17 morejanda pricing red flags part 1
16 morejanda pricing rules for designers
14 morejanda the psychology of graphic design pricing
13 morejanda new client discovery meetings 101
09 morejanda pricing structures pros and cons
07 morejanda how to ask a client for their budget
06 morejanda how to handle clients that dont pay
05 morejanda solving client problems the ux way
71 thechrisdo two rules about money
70 thechrisdo in sales there are 3 possible responses
69 thechrisdo how to use guarantees in pricing
68 thechrisdo dont sell
67 thechrisdo how much to charge for rush fees
65 thechrisdo how to talk about money part 2
64 thechrisdo win the price negotiation
63 thechrisdo how to talk about money
62 thechrisdo no one cares about you
61 thechrisdo how to close your next client
60 thechrisdo how to do phase based pricing
57 thechrisdo how to do project based pricing
56 thechrisdo how to respond to exposure bucks
55 thechrisdo how to calculate your hourly rate
53 thechrisdo how to get work, a blueprint
52 thechrisdo the price seems fair
51 thechrisdo how to always get paid
41 thechrisdo the war for art
18 thechrisdo introduction to price anchoring
17 thechrisdo 8 reasons why creatives dont talk about money
14 thechrisdo value based pricing
12 thechrisdo understanding cost price value