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Pricing & Money


13 lisa.martinovska how much should I charge the human edition
12 lisa.martinovska how much should I charge in design
54 usepitchproof how to make more money as a designer
51 usepitchproof how to price yourself as a designer
46 usepitchproof how to get paid on time as a designer
70 morejanda next worry date
80 thechrisdo the psychology of why we buy and how discounting triggers sales
16 how to track your time as a freelancer ransegall
11 why freelancers need two bank accounts ransegall
05 ayushjangra should you ever work for free?
33 johnbresciani just got paid?
09 mizko how to deal with clients that bargain
03 mizko when should i increase my rates
16 morejanda pricing rules for designers
14 morejanda the psychology of graphic design pricing
09 morejanda pricing structures pros and cons
07 morejanda how to ask a client for their budget
06 morejanda how to handle clients that dont pay
71 thechrisdo two rules about money
69 thechrisdo how to use guarantees in pricing
67 thechrisdo how much to charge for rush fees
65 thechrisdo how to talk about money part 2
64 thechrisdo win the price negotiation
63 thechrisdo how to talk about money
60 thechrisdo how to do phase based pricing
57 thechrisdo how to do project based pricing
56 thechrisdo how to respond to exposure bucks
55 thechrisdo how to calculate your hourly rate
52 thechrisdo the price seems fair
51 thechrisdo how to always get paid
47 thechrisdo think like gucci
38 thechrisdo how to make 100k/yr making things or making things happen
26 thechrisdo what is a logo worth
21 thechrisdo the magic penny the power of the compound effect
18 thechrisdo introduction to price anchoring
17 thechrisdo 8 reasons why creatives dont talk about money
14 thechrisdo value based pricing
12 thechrisdo understanding cost price value
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